How to Use your web site (blog) to tell your story

People love stories.  Not only are they fun and engaging, but it helps them to understand abstract concepts (like what you do for a loving).  Stories also you to paint a picture which is far more interesting to the reader (or listener) than a series of facts and figures.

I have to remind myself of this constantly.

This is why I constantly preach to our clients to use their blog (or News if you don’t like the term). To tell their story.  Because it’s so easy to add photos and video make ample use of those too.

If you’re in the business of selling results (and who isn’t) use this simple framework to tell each story.

1.  Situation – What problem did your client experience?

2. Opportunities – What opportunities existed to solve the problem?

3. Actions – What actions did you take?

4. Results – What were the results of your actions?

It wouldn’t hurt to include some before, after and during photos if applicable.

To make it easy to remember, the acronym is SOAR.   It this list looks familiar, that’s because it’s used in coaching job candidates in the behavioral interviewing process.  It works, so why not use it to help prospects understand how you can help them.