Independent Sales Professional Web Site – Excellent Example

Last weekend I stumbled upon an excellent example of a web site created by a professional sales person independent of their employer. I kbew I had to share it with you.

My wife and I have been looking for a condo in Florida (or someplace with warmer winters than Cleveland, Ohio). We decided to focus on the Destin, Florida area on the Gulf Coast. However a string of hurricanes and stories of difficulties in obtaining insurance caused me to do a Google search to get the real poop about how much it will cost to protect our investment.

At the top of the search results I found a web site that had a very informative post with the information that I needed.

To my pleasant surprise I realized this very helpful post was published on a blog written by Debbie James, a local Destin realtor. As someone searching for property (and a qualified realtor) in her market, I used her contact form and cool SMS widget to drop her a note. We’re scheduled to talk tomorrow.

I really like the fact that Debbie has forgone the cookie cutter single page on a broker-owned (and controlled) site to take control of her own personal brand. This is no small undertaking, because a site of this quality (and consistency) is a lot of work.

More sales professionals in all fields can learn from her creativity. In today’s lean market more sales people are expected to generate business on their own and even find themselves competing with the “house.” Creating your own personal online presence and lead generating machine makes you not only more valuable employee but also gives you a powerful tool that you can bring with you to a new position or even your own business.

Here’s what I like about Debbie’s site. None of this will be new to our clients, but it’s good to have a real-world example.

She blogs frequently about subjects of interest to her target market. Her informative posts make her site a resource worth bookmarking.
Debbie makes ample use of keywords of interest to her market. but her posts are well written and interesting.
Her design is simple, clean and easy to use.
She provides useful tools like a built-in property search.
She uses a compelling “bribe” of a Hot Deals report to capture names for her list.
In a very crowded market she achieved a high page rank for a very valuable longtail keyword (in my case I searched on “flood insurance destin florida condo.” This was a very clever post because only serious buyers care about the cost and availability of flood insurance (people in Debbie’s business can’t afford to waste time on dreamers and looky-loos).
Bottom line, Debbie makes good use of online marketing fundamentals without trickery or blackhat techniques. Well done.

Watch this blog in the future for examples of unique uses of online tools used by traditional businesses. If you have a good example that you like, please share it here.